Which Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage is the right fit?  

AEGIS MALPRACTICE SOLUTIONS is relationship focused. We offer a higher level of consistency and reliability in our approach to reviewing and selecting the coverage best-suited for each individual or entity. Having years of experience in working with, understanding, and developing the careful nuances of medical malpractice solutions, we offer quicker turn-arounds and an easier approach to educating and enlisting the most supportive solutions for healthcare providers and their practices.

CONSIDER THE FACTS to make the right choice: 

Using an Independent Agent

Q. I’ve never used an independent agent before. Why should I now?

A. Independent Agents do not work for any one company. They represent multiple companies, which gives them the ability to shop around and find the best fit for you. Having access to multiple companies also benefits you because it drives competition, resulting in better pricing (lower costs for you). A direct agent’s first duty is to their employer. They are captive agents and can only offer one malpractice solution from one company.

 Switching Independent Agents

Q. I already have an agent, and we’re satisfied with their service. Why should I switch to Aegis?

A. Aegis Malpractice Solutions is a different kind of agency. Since we are uniquely (and specifically) focused on medical malpractice insurance, we’re experts in the field. Just like you would go to a Dermatologist for a question regarding your skin or an Orthopedic Surgeon for a knee issue, you ideally want to work with an agent who solely specializes in malpractice insurance when you need coverage. Additionally, with nearly two decades of industry experience, our CEO and founder has a unique pulse on the marketplace and knows precisely how to assist. The average agency has limited knowledge in malpractice insurance and isn’t familiar with the unique challenges that face the industry.

 Buying Directly from Insurance Carrier

Q. Isn’t it cheaper to just buy direct from an insurance company?

A. Insurance policies aren't like typical consumer products, where the same item can be sold for a different price through different means. Rates are filed with and regulated by the Department of Insurance in each state and carriers do not have different rates for the business they write direct vs. through an agent. Bottom line — it’s the same price. With all of the benefits of using an agent, It just makes sense to leverage their expertise and "carrier reach" to get you a better product.